Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just a thought...

How often is my faith and trust in God tested? How often do I come out feeling somewhat beaten up and more than just a little bit humbled? It is unfortunately all too often that my faith is more vocal than actual and I had a chance to be reminded of that in a very real way recently. As some of you may know, I had somewhat of a fiasco with my car and the whole thing didn't quite pan out like I would have preferred. But... something good did happen. God showed me how faithful He is when times are tough and He also showed me just how little I really trust Him.

Thank you all for your prayers in the past couple of weeks, they mean a lot and had it not been for them, I may have still been wallowing in my puddle of self pity and discontentment.

I urge all of you to not get hung up on financial difficulties and every day trials. Learn from them and become stronger as a result of the experience. Spend more time worshiping the Lord for His never ceasing goodness as opposed to questioning His actions and the directions He takes us in. Spend more time with those you love and cherish as opposed to time on your own during times of hardship, dwelling on the things that are out of your control. And most importantly, wholeheartedly praise God for the trials in your life; without them you would be weak, confused, and utterly helpless.

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  1. Good post man,
    You're absolutely right that it's bad to be by yourself in times of hardship, those are the moments when we need our friends the most to set us straight.