Friday, October 7, 2011

Cellular Telephone Photography

So my friend Kae inspired me to browse through all of the pictures I've been taking on my phone by doing an awesome post on her blog. I've selected a handful of the ones I found to post on here to give a brief glimpse of the last eights months or so of my life (a very brief glimpse). These are in no particular order because... I didn't feel like taking the extra time to organize them.

My friends Katya, Alesya, and Diana when we were hiking the Old Salmon River Trail.
The view from the spot where we camped for Mary's birthday.
My good friend Artem being a boss, chowing down on some sunflower seeds.
 One of the waterfalls along the Eagle Creek Trail.
 Some cool street art in SE Portland.
Artem and Joey being cheesy when we hiked the Angel's Rest Trail.
My buddies Nik and Mark when we hiked the Saddle Mountain Trail.
Old Salmon River.
Sitting on a rooftop in SE Portland, checking out the awesome sunset.
Artem and George being tough guys on the Saddle Mountain Trail.
 Awesome beard on some street art in SE Portland.
Beautiful day while hiking the Saddle Mountain Trail with my fellowship group.
Really cool old school Porsche I saw when I was in Los Angeles for the Shepherd's Conference.
 My sweet little niece, Versavia.
Hanging out by the Willamette River on the East side of Portland.


  1. pretty sweeet. I must say my favorite is that photo of Versavia.

  2. awesome pictures man, that second one of mt hood is AMAZING! you gotta do more posts like this.

  3. Wow, takoe horoshee kachestvo fotok na telefone. Beautiful pics, I am ready to go hiking again like TODAY:)))))))) Virsavia looks like she was having fun with you:)

  4. Sweeet pictures Andrew, but you forgot to post one of yourself in China!