Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cellular Telephone Photography Pt. 2

2 Pac is alive!
 Artem almost looks angelic here... almost.
 This is my boss, Bob. He's a really great guy!
 In Bend with three of the Bob's Red Mill cyclocross team riders.
 The debate continues...
 A sunset at Council Crest.
 Blue skies in downtown Portland, headed to watch The Marriage of Figaro.
 Beautiful day on the Eagle Creek Trail.
Hiking with the fellowship group.
 Kobe beef burger from Jake's.
Beautiful day at Mt. Hood Meadows.
 Walking around Mt. Tabor.
 This looks, sounds, and even feels incredibly dangerous.
 Vlad striking some Blue Steel. I miss this guy!
I love Thai food, and it loves me back.

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  1. haha, andrew I had a good laugh at just about every photo. keep the posts up. they are a joy to find in my google reader.