Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The first post is the first impression of blogging, so much pressure! I had to dress up and shave* for the occasion.

This blog is called 'A Proper Gentleman' but I hope that ladies will also indulge and have a read, enjoy the pictures, listen to the music, watch the videos, etc. One thing I'll attempt to accomplish with this blog will, however, be to (hopefully) reinstill those qualities of a gentleman that would bring chivalry back to our generation. It's a big goal but I intend to take on the challenge with force. More importantly than that though, I'd like the main focus to be sharing what God does in my life through His word, through people, and through daily lessons/trials.

So I ask you to join me on this wild blogging adventure, give feedback, and help keep conversations flowing. Much love and God's blessings.

*Obviously I would never shave.


  1. yay! another blogger!
    so exciting!
    i'll be looking forward to reading/listening/looking at all you'll be posting here, cuz your pretty fascinating and God does some astonishing things with ya!!! so, keep it coming!

    p.s. i double triple dog dare you to shave on your 23rd birthday!!! then you could "sign" your posts as the "andrey the beardless"


  2. Ti chto soberaeshsya ne mitii i ne britii tyt pisat? Eto rabota tak chto pered tem kak pechataesh, krasivo odetsya i pobritsya!!!!

  3. andrew, I've been unsuccessfully searching for your blog through various channels. thank you for finding me instead. can't wait to learn how to be the proper gentleman.

  4. I will make a classy gentleman out of you Kae, I promise!