Monday, May 16, 2011

Bowties & Ties

I wonder, how many of you gentlemen can tie a tie? Or, how about a bowtie? Although knowing how to tie a bowtie isn't a necessity; I think a bowtie provides a great classic look, especially with the right bowtie. But, knowing how to tie a tie is a must for a man (your mom or dad can only do it for you up until a certain point). A proper gentleman should be able to tie a tie and help a comrade out who doesn't know how to do it. Below I've attached instructions on how to tie a half windsor knot (my personal favorite tie knot), as well as how to tie a bowtie. Put this information to good use!


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  2. So you labeled this post as Man. What about the ladies that have been struggling their whole lives with ties? HUH?