Thursday, May 12, 2011

Interesting Encounter

I had a chance to talk with a man at my college today, and it was quite an interesting  conversation. We got into a deep talk and I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with him. His response was one that's not all that common... He blatantly said, "You're brainwashed man! I am shocked that you believe this crap." I had to respond to him without letting my emotions get in the way and all I said was, "Yeah, my brain has been washed, and all the junk has been filtered out." He was quite surprised by my response and just said he wanted to drop the conversation. We're all 'brainwashed' to a certain extent, it's just a matter of what your brain is washed with.

It's interesting to think that God "washes" our brain when He saves us. There's such a strong stigma attached to brainwashing, and there should definitely be some concern that tags along with the word. But, I (as well as other believers) should feel extremely privileged to have had the filth of sin and selfish desire washed out of our brains. It is unfortunately all too easy to picture the loss of our selfish inner longings or aspirations as a negative thing, but when our heart and brain are "washed" by the Lord, it becomes quite clear how detrimental and realistically dark these things truly are.

I'm glad God has washed my brain :)


  1. That's a great way to think about it, I'm glad God washed my brain too..
    It feels like there's a lot more to be washed out though.

  2. Yes that is very true! Mi vse rojdenni poklonnikami. Ili mi pokloyaemsya miry, ili mi spaseni i stanovimsya poklonnikami Boga:) I to chto omivaet nashi mozgi govorit nam o tom komy mi slyjim! :)))))

  3. that's a great response! my brothers always say that to me and i'm always at a loss of what to say back to them.
    it's so amazing that God has washed all the junk out of us and we can enjoy God!


  4. The puzzled look I receive after I've shared the gospel with someone happens frequently, and that's exactly when I'm reminded that my faith is not of this world, and if my eyes weren't opened it'd probably be too uncanny for me to accept. Praise God for grace!